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Writing My Way Out Of Trouble

When life goes flashing by…

It was about a month after I got my new phone, and five months after I was made redundant, that I started flashing custom roms. And once I started, I just couldn’t, still can’t, stop.

I was bored, of course, and had plenty of time to muck around. The phone had pretty much stopped ringing a few weeks back and no-one seemed to need any sort of urgent email response. That’s what happens when you’re not working - emails are a diversion, not a minefield.

So if my phone was out of action for an hour, or more, it wouldn’t matter to anyone but me. And so I flashed it, and reflashed it, and flashed it again, and again, and again.

At first I tried to justify myself by claiming that I was looking for better battery life, or different features from stock options, or better audio performance and all of this was, to an extent true. It is, after all, a benefit of the open source nature of Android...

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